Build a braintrust around your business.

Join a network of business owners helping each other level up as operators, leaders, and as humans.

About FounderBoards:

A Board of Directors can buy control. Advisors may want equity. Those ‘Entrepreneur Masterminds’ charge $1,500 / month.

We founders are actually pretty simple people. We want accountability, useful advice, and connection without sacrificing control, cash, or equity.

A Founder Board is a hand-picked group of business owners all working to grow our businesses, improve as people, and make an impact through the magic of capitalism.

Membership doesn’t cost money, but you do need to follow the rules (or we kick you out).

The Rules:

  1. Show up when you say you will (be reliable).
  2. Keep private information private (be trustworthy).
  3. Share the real story, not the press release (be truthful).
  4. Drop your ego as best you can (be real).

Applications for Board 2 are open now, and are due by Dec 28th. Submit your application for Board 2 here.